King Ryan Ashdown

Current King of Ashdown, a laidback and charismatic individual.


Race: Human
Age 21
Height: 5’ 10’’
Weight: 170lbs
Hair Colour: Dark Long Black Hair
Eye Colour: Deep brown eyes
Spouse: Single
Children: None
Parents: King Alexander Ashdown[DECEASED], Queen Mary Ashdown[DECEASED]
Siblings: King Geoffry Ashdown [DECEASED]

Nothing ever feels tense around Ryan, he is as laidback as he is charming, a friend of everyone. Great with swordplay, although more often for sport than war and loved to galavant and enjoy life, he was given “the gift of no responsibilities” . He was well travelled ad well liked. And wanted nothing more to joke about with friends and ignoring problems as they never really seemed to concern him.

Ryan was a stark contrast to his brother, the late King Geoffry, who always made enemies “doing what’s right, acting for the greater good”. Ryan didn’t like making the difficult descions and was always happy to let his brother rule, he thought he was good at it too. However some close personal friends and advisors for Ryan informed him that this was not the case, how Geoffry left some subjects poor and disabled without aid, how some suffered all for an allegiance with no value with Salt Isles.

“It’s hard to imagine how he ever finds anyone to fight!” -Bugdar the dwarven king

King Ryan Ashdown

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